The Lord of 64 Squares

by Amlandeep Bhattacharya

Tamit was leading in the State Chess Championship and was on the verge of winning the Championship when his uncle called him from Secundrabad and said that his father was critically ill and that he must leave the tournament to visit his father.
Tamit thought for some time and then went to the tournament hall and told the arbiter that he will not be able to play well in the tournament. The arbiter told him, "Son, that's okay, go and visit your dad, it is more important than playing in the tournament.'

However Tamit did not listen to the arbiter's remarks and continued playing in the tournament. Tamit's uncle then once again called him and this time Tamit realised that he made a wrong remark that he would not visit his father. Actually if he now visits his father stopping playing in the tournament then only he will be the true Lord of 64 Squares. Tamit left the tournament and went to meet his father. Thus he became the true genius.

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