The Man Who Has Seen Past

by Amlandeep Bhattacharya

Rahul was coming back from office. Today an interesting thing happened as he met his old school friend Shibani who was his sweetheart when he was in class IX. After some months her father died and she left the school, leaving Rahul and making him lonely. Rahul could not sleep properly for two days. Then he realised that if someone really loves someone then he must be happy if she or he is happy. Rahul was crossing the road and was little unmindful. Suddenly a car came and dashed him down.Blood started oozing out from the body of Rahul and the crowd gathered over there took him to the nearby hospital.

In the nearby hospital Rahul was quickly taken to the O.T. where doctors gathered to see him. On the other side Shibani was taken aback by the sudden meeting with Rahul and he remembered that this young,handsome dashing guy used to stare at her during the free time. She was going to the Reliance supermarket when her mobile rang. Her inlaw was admitted in the nearby hospital. Shibani rushed to the hospital and saw a small crowd near the O.T. Upon entering Shibani saw the bloody body of Rahul . She rushed to the doctor who was then speaking to the spokesperson of the people who brought Rahul. The doctor said that about four bottles of blood of A- positive group will be needed for Rahul.

When the doctor and the people gathered over there realised that there was paucity of blood from Rahul's group, Shibani was thinking in a different manner. Her blood group too was A- positive and Rahul, his Rahul, the guy who used to stare at her when she used to wear those pink dopatta's was unwell today. Today he needed blood, of her group and she, only she who could not express her love and affection for him when he was a student could help him today.

One week later and, as they say in big Hindi movies, everything becomes well in the end . Similarly Rahul understood that, though today being married and being father of three children he could not marry Shibani, still the very same Shibani, the lady whose oomph factor used to mesmerise him, could be his friend. He had seen the past and could not change it. But today he can see the present and tomorrow in future when he becomes old Shibani and he will be gossiping candidly as friends about how they spend their life in the glories of youth moistened by the warm feelings of present.

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