The Mystery of a Bride's Murder

by Amlandeep Bhattacharya

There was no dearth of happiness in the Yashbardhan family as the eldest daughter of the family Nita was going to be married to business tycoon Yashbindar Singh. Yashbindhar was happy to meet Nita for lunch on Thursday. Nita told him that her parents and brother were in USA and would fly down in October to attend her marriage.

Back in India, Nita's aunt Sheela was preparing for her marriage. Everything was going according to plan just when on a warm June afternoon that devastating incident happened. Nita was busy preparing for her marriage when someone knocked her door. 'Who's there?' said Nita and opened the door. Upon opening she found the local goon Faruqe, who slit her throat with a sharp knife. Nita died.

When the next day her maid Samantha opened the door, she saw the house was full of clothes and things were displaced. Someone had ransacked the house, and soon she came across Nita's body.

She told the police what she saw, and they were not able to find out the culprit. They met the autorickshaw'a who parked their autos near the house and told the police that on that eventful day they saw two people discussing gold ornaments near the tea stall. However, the fingerprints found in her house did not match with anybody known.

After some days, the police opened their file and saw that the fingerprints matched with two well-known thieves near Jadavpur, about one kilometer away from her house. They soon caught them and while interrogating them found out that the local goon Faruqe had told them to assist him in looting Nita's house but they did not know that he would kill Nita. Police went to his house but he was absconding. When they enquired they saw that Faruqe had gone to meet his mother in the village.

After two days Faruqe was caught near Dhakuria station, and thus came a solace to the soul of Nita.

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