The Never Ending Vampires

by Stacie Williams
(Oxford, North Carolina)

Vampires are everywhere and there is no escape at all. So we get together and try to come up with a way out. All the while they are circling us all bloody and still hungry for more. The big problem is while we are trying to save ourselves more keep coming. When out of nowhere pops this big strong half human and half vampire man starts howling and has a really awesome looking sword and some guns too. He is known as the dark stranger. We were glad to see him he also had some buddies with him so we knew it was going to be ok. That is until they were coming for us and not the vampires. It turns out we were the bad guys and the vampires were the good guys weird huh. Except I didn't believe they were good I think the stranger was wrong and was there because he couldn't resist human blood no more.

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