The Parasites Saga Part 1

by Ronald Carvajal
(Tampa Florida)

John stopped at the wall panting like a dog, he knew that he couldn't double back or the parasites would get him. John remembered when the leeches first struck (the reason the mutated humans had their name). He remembered the confusion and the terror when scientists discovered that the leeches' bite carried a horrible disease that turned an ordinary person to an insane murderer with a taste for blood and a habit of destroying major civilizations. A long groan snapped John back to reality and he turned slowly to face the parasites. On the outside he kept his face neutral but on the inside his heart was pounding and he could almost feel the adrenaline in his veins as he looked at the parasites in turn. Each parasite had gray skin, sharp teeth/nails and crazed eyes. Suddenly with a battle roar John raised the machete in his hand and charged at the horrific parasites.

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