The Secret Killer.

by Donovan Wilson

CRACK! The flaming hot bullet hit Jenna Harrison in the back of her head. Her head was pushed forward from the impact of the bullet as the gunman shoved her to the ground forcefully. Reaching behind him, The killer took the blade from out of his pants back pocket and started to go to work on the body. The blade forcefully ripped inside the body 9 times until the killer was satisfied. Red velvet colored blood was pouring from Jenna Harrison's back as the killer wiped the blood off the knife onto Jenna's shirt and placed it back in his back pocket.
Of course the killer felt bad for what he was doing, but he didn't have any other option. The killer started to scan the area making sure there weren't anyone coming or looking out their window just yet. The killer began to evaluate the murder scene, The victim had on a Target uniform obviously because she was going to work. Her hair looked out of place and her uniform shirt was a cherry kool-aid color from the stab wound in her back. Also, Jenna Harrison had car keys in her hand. The killer assumed she was heading for her cool colored 1996 Nissan Altima.
The killer smoothly took the car keys out of Jenna Harrison's hands without noticeably moving her fingers. The killer rushed to the Nissan and opened the doors. Shakily, the killer shoved the keys in the ignition without breaking them. With a sound similar to a vacuum the car started and he sped out of the development without hesitation.

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