The Sweet Smell of New Mowed Grass

by Ina Warren
(Cortland, NY, USA)

The aroma of new mowed grass tells me summer is coming. After enduring the harshness of winter, this welcome sign gives me the assurance better weather will soom be here. Then there is the watery eyes, runny nose and stiffed up feeling that makes me wonder why does grass have to produce pollen? Therefore, while I welcome the grass I don't welcome the grass pollen.

What is surprising is that if I go to a city where grass is limited the problem goes away. Guess all the other pollens in the city cancel each other out. I remember several years ago when I was living in Boston walking through the public garden on June day and seeing the maintenance men on their mowers. I froze, oh no I thorugh then started walking faster to get out of the area before the pollen started flying. I was going shopping and made a note to avoid the park on the way back. Still being very absorbed in my shopping experience headed right for the park coming home and was totally surprised to find I had no runny nose, no sneezing and no watery eyes. I was enjoying the sweet smell of new mowed grass.

This pleasure was short-lived; two weeks later traveling to New Hampshire for a picnic with friends started sneezing and blowing my nose upon entering a state park. Of course I came unprepared without a box of tissues and sniffled my way through the day. Actually I did not stay long for the aroma of the trees, and bushes and flowers was too much. In the country the abundance of pollens do not cancel each other out.

Once back in the city, I was determined I must live my life within its borders forever to avoid my allergy. Then I discovered the allergy is time limited, seems my sinuses adjust in a few weeks and I can enjoy the sweet smell of grass, although I don't chance it when the grass is being mowed.

Thus, I approach the first sound of a lawn mower with mixed feelings, happy it is a sign of warm weather but cautious for when my allergy will kick in. Now, I found a remedy for my dilemma. At the first sound of a lawn mower I jump into my car and head for a shipping mall, where pavement rules and the stores offer an insulating enviroment from the sweet smell of new mowed grass.

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