The Wolf Shadow

by Gracie
(Phoenix, Arizona, United States)

The shadows never frightened Livy, but now she was unsure. They had a sinister sway to them, like they were aiming for the death blow. One night, when they were swaying particualy hard, Livy went and got her mother. "Ah young child, no worries, 'tis only the wind." But Livy wasen't sure. She had a secret.

When she was younger, her father had gotten a wolf. He told her not to touch it or it might die. So she didn't. But alas, her older classmate, Avery, had decided to try and touch the wolf. She stopped him. But saying that she would be respected by him, never ridiculed or ignored, she went up to touch the wolf. It had died instantly. She and Avery dragged it to where the shadows were. She buried him (the wolf), in hope that her beloved Avery would stay with her. But Avery had fallen in love with Athiea instead. Now, every night, the shadow of a wolf pranced around Livy's bedroom window.

Livy settled into her bed, gently pulling the covers up. As she pulled them up, she saw a flash of lightning. The shadow was right outside her window, gnashing its jaws and clawing ferociously at the window.

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