Time to Go to Work

by Tina Ford
(South Bend, Indiana)

I remember when i was little, how when I woke up our house would smell of coffee, because my mom was a big coffee drinker as I am now. I also remember it smelled of hairspray and cigarettes. Not exactly a safe combo used together, but when she was getting ready for work she would be smoking and then when she was done doing her hair, of course out came the hair spray. I still to this day get a happy feeling when I smell that combo. It takes me back to happier, easier times when I was a kid. Now that my mom is gone, I appreciate those things a lot more. Sometimes when I have to do my hair to go somewhere, the smell of the hairspray really takes me back -- I don't smoke anymore so I don't get the full effect but it's close, for now.

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