Two Monsters Down

by Darryl Emrick
(Oxford, MI, USA)

"One to go," I muttered, kicking the foul demonic corpse as I pulled my blade free from its eye. I frowned at the extra-dimensional experimental physicists across the room, huddling in fear of their summoned beast.

Somewhere distant the clattering crash of destruction pointed out my final prey and I set off in pursuit.

Screams and gunfire told me when I was near. "No bullets, ya dingbats! Only cold silver," I grumbled, but try telling a soldier guns don't work!

It almost cost my head to learn; by fate alone I had snatched some Colonel's ceremonial silver sword in desperation. I only hoped it had one last fight in it.

"Hey, ugly!" I distracted the winged brute from feeding. It bounded toward me, sending a dead soldier's gun clattering away.

"You're the human!" the hissing threat washed over me. "When you dead, we rule all!"

"We? Time for a head count." I made a show of wiping my blade clean before leaping to attack.

The enraged creature's roar drowned out the scraping clash of claws against my armored vest, and the clang and screech of my blade reflecting off its chitin hide.

Arms like I-beams flailed away at me and it was all I could do to avoid being hammered to death before planting a lucky foot in his chest. He flailed backwards, breaking a wing on his fall.

With supernatural speed I leapt atop the brute, breaking my silver blade off in my foe's brain from under its chin.

I turned to look behind me at the gathering group of stunned soldiers and scientists, adjusting my mask.

"My apologies to the Colonel." I casually tossed the sword pommel to an awe-struck soldier, then disappeared in a flash.

I cataloged this Extra Demon-sional. Bring silver when saving the world.

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