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On this page, we'll profile some writing websites with a variety of information and resources for new authors.

Website Profile: FamilyHistoryProducts.com

On FamilyHistoryProducts.com, you'll find resources, tools and inspiration for researching and writing about your family history. Use the free life story worksheets and journaling prompts to get started. Read examples of family stories and publish your own. Get tips on preserving family photographs and recording oral histories. And browse family tradition ideas to create new memories for your family.

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Website Profile: Poethound.blogspot.com

The mission of this excellent blog is to connect people to poetry. In addition to work by contemporary poets, you'll find poetry interviews, links to poetry websites, information about literary reviews and calls for submissions, and thoughtful posts about topics ranging from poetic inspiration to the benefits of memorizing poetry.

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Website Profile: Thingsmeanalot.com

Written by an enthusiastic bibliophile and librarian-in-training, this blog celebrates the sheer pleasure of reading and features reviews of books in a variety of genres. Each book review also links helpfully to other bloggers' reviews of the same book, providing a variety of perspectives and an introduction to the book blogging community.

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Website Profile: WomensMemoirs.com

Women's Memoirs offers memoir writing advice and prompts, as well as information about memoir writing classes and a LinkedIn group for memoirists. The website also runs regular memoir competitions and publishes reader contributions. In addition to blog posts and written articles, Women's Memoirs includes a variety of interesting audio and video recordings, including author interviews and writing lessons focused on specific aspects of craft.

Women's Memoirs was founded by Kendra Bonnett and Matilda Butler, writers, consultants, teachers, and co-authors of the collective memoir Rosie's Daughters: The "First Woman To" Generation Tells its Story, which won an IPPY National Book Award in 2008. Amber Lea Starfire contributes a column about journaling to the website.

Women's Memoirs is currently offering website visitors a free e-book with memoir writing tips.

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Website Profile: BookLoons.com

BookLoons.com offers a huge amount of information and resources for readers, including a searchable database of book reviews and excerpts of over 12,900 books in a variety of genres. You can search by title or browse through the virtual bookshelves, which are divided by genre. BookLoons.com also provides a directory of links to literature available online. In addition to book-related content, BookLoons.com publishes a frequently updated calendar of writing contests and other useful resources for writers.

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Website Profile: Languageisavirus.com

This website presents a powerful antidote to writers' block with a wide range of writing games and prompts, in addition to book reviews and writing-related articles. Some of the website's interesting features include an automated character name generator which returns highly colorful results, and a text collage tool which creates cloudlike displays of random word combinations. Languageisavirus.com offers opportunities for collaborative creation, including an online version of the Surrealist poetry game "Exquisite Corpse," and a "neverending story" created in fragments by website visitors. There is also an area where visitors can publish their original poetry.

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Website Profile: Literature-Study-Online.com/Creativewriting

The creative writing section of Literature-Study-Online.com focuses primarily on the short story form and contains a collection of articles about the craft of fiction, covering topics such narrative viewpoint, dialogue, the treatment of time in a story, and the difference between summary and scene ("showing" versus "telling"). The founder of this website is a creative writing teacher, who presents concepts in clear, easy-to-understand language and offers helpful examples to illustrate his points.

The website also provide links to a wide range other writing websites and online resources for authors.

Click here now to visit literature-study-online.com/creativewriting.

Website Profile: JoeCliffordFaust.com

Novelist Joe Clifford Faust shares interesting thoughts about fiction writing on his author blog at JoeCliffordFaust.com. Recent topics have included the process of revising a novel, the dangers of how-to books on writing, and the author's colorful experiences working as a ghostwriter.

Click here now to visit http://joecliffordfaust.com.

Website Profile: Write101.com

Write101.com is a classic among writing websites. Part of the Web's writing community since 1998, Writing101.com offers over 1,000 pages of articles giving detailed insights into the workings of the English language as well as free writing lessons, vocabulary quizzes, essay-writing tips for students, and much more.

The volume and huge variety of information on this website make it special. There is something here for everyone -- from non-native English speakers trying to get a mastery of the language to publication-ready authors searching for tips on travel writing or royalty agreements.

Write101.com articles are written in a clear, friendly style that is pleasant to read and accessible to all types of readers.

If you're looking to brush up on basic grammar skills, improve your spelling, or expand your vocabulary, Write101.com offers ample resources to help, including a free e-mail course that gets into the nuts and bolts of English language rules.

Or if you're thinking of writing professionally, you can get an overview of a range of career options, from romance novelist to magazine columnist.

Write101.com also offers a free e-mail newsletter containing writing tips, which has gone out every Friday since 1998! Click here now to visit http://www.write101.com.

Website Profile: Wellfedwriter.com

Peter Bowerman's website, Wellfedwriter.com, offers a wealth of information related to commercial writing. Find out how it's possible to earn a living by writing brochures, sales pages, newsletters, press releases, and other materials for corporate clients.

If you're considering becoming a copywriter but aren't sure if it's right for you, visit the FAQ page on Wellfedwriter.com to read answers to frequently asked questions about commercial writing careers. Then be sure to check out the "Knowledge Base," where Mr. Bowerman responds to the concerns of individual readers.

Are you a mother looking for work you can do from home? Are you retired and interested in starting a new career in commercial writing? Wellfedwriter.com has special resources pages just for you.

You'll also have the chance to download a free report, "Why Commercial Writing" and sign up for a free e-newsletter with professional advice.

Peter Bowerman is author of the award-winning book The Well-Fed Writer, a step-by-step guide to building a copywriting business from the ground up.

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Website Profile: Novel-software.com

This website is home to the Novel Factory software, which includes a wide range of templates and tools to plan and organize your novel-writing, making the writing process efficient and fun.

Click here now to visit https://www.novel-software.com.

Website Profile: Rednel.blogspot.com (Spanish language)

Rednel Colombia is a cultural website created by Colombia's national association of literature students. Rednel features Colombian literary news and information about cultural events, including literary festivals, seminars and workshops, exhibits, grants, and competitions.

Click here now to visit Rednel.blogspot.com.

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