Character Questionnaire - Part 5

This is Part 5 of our character questionnaire. Click here to go to Part 1.

This questionnaire will help you build interesting, three-dimensional characters for your fiction.

Different Perspectives on Your Character

What kind of first impression does your character tend to make on men?

What kind of first impression does your character tend to make on women?

What might these people have to say about your character? - an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend

- your character's mother (if still alive)

- your character's father (if still alive)

- your character's son/daughter (if applicable)

- your character's current romantic partner (if applicable)

- your character's boss (if applicable)

- a coworker of your character (if applicable)

- someone who goes or went to school with your character

- someone who met your character on a blind date

- your character's neighbor

- a waiter who served your character in a restaurant

What is a mistake people tend to make when judging your character?

How Your Character Talks

What does your character's voice sound like?

What kind of accent does your character speak with?

Describe the rhythm of your character's speech (for example, fast, slow, choppy, flowing...)

Does your character tend to use long or short sentences?

Does your character tend to use simple or sophisticated vocabulary?

Does your character use slang? What kind?

Does your character have favorite words or expressions that s/he uses a lot?


What did your character's childhood home look like? What did your character's bedroom look like when s/he was a child... and what does it look like now?

What was your character like when s/he was younger? What are some of the ways that his/her personality has changed?

When your character was a child, what was his/her role in the family? (for example: the rebel, the smart one, the pretty one, the baby...)

What was his/her relationship with his/her family when s/he was a child? How have the family relationships changed?

What's a particular song that brings back a meaningful memory to your character? What's the memory?

Who was your character's first love?

STORY IDEA: After many years, your character returns to his/her hometown and runs into his/her first love. Old feelings return. But either your character or his/her first love has changed in significant ways that the other person isn't expecting...

Who is someone that your character hated as a child?

What is something frightening or painful that happened to your character when s/he was a child?

What is something from your character's past that s/he would prefer that no one found out about?

What is something bad that your character did as a child?

Who is someone your character admired when s/he was growing up?

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