Creative Writing Contests and Free Poetry Contests

Enter our current creative writing contests and become a published author or poet!

Participation is free, and by entering, you will have the chance to be published on Creative Writing Now. You could also earn Amazon or cash prizes.

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Guidelines for participation:

  1. You may submit as many entries as you like.
  2. All of your entries must be original and must not have been published previously.
  3. By entering our contests, you give us permission to publish your entries on the Creative Writing Now website. All valid entries (not just the prize winners) may be published.
  4. There is no cost to enter our free poetry contests and fiction competitions.
Check out the open competitions below. Submit your creative work and leave positive comments on other authors' contributions.

Open Creative Writing Contests

Currently, there are no open contests. Check back here soon for new contests.

Recent Creative Writing Contests

Book Reviews Contest
Writing Prompts Competition

  • Description: Inspire other writers by posting an original writing prompt on our new Facebook page. Click here for competition details.
  • First place: a writing prompt by Robyn Coutts
Smell and Memory - Memoir Writing Competition

  • Description: What smells bring back intense memories for you? Write about the smell and the memory in 500 words or less.
  • First Place: "Coffee with Cagney" by David Paul
Short Short Stories Competition

  • Description: Can you write a story in under 300 words? Get tips on writing very short stories, and publish your own ultra-short fiction.
  • First Place: "Love" by David M. Harris
Creative Writing Ideas Competition

  • Description: Where do you find inspiration for your writing? Do you keep a dream journal, listen to inspiring music, or follow a special warm-up routine? Share your tip with other writers.
  • First Place: "Pick-tionary" by Corrie Ann Gray
Haiku Poem Competition

  • Description: Haiku is a short poetry form originally from Japan. You can read more about haiku and find some haiku examples here. Then submit your haiku in our competition for the chance to get published.
  • First Place: "Fences Like Smoke" by Tirzah Goodwin

Further Resources

Poets & Writers offers a useful list of reputable poetry contests and fiction competitions. Note that most of the contests in this list require an entry fee to participate.

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