Free Creative Writing Courses Online - Class 4: Plot

This is the fourth class from CWN's fiction course. If you're not signed up to take CWN's free creative writing courses online, click here to start now.

Free Writing Courses - Class 4

Topic: Plot and Climax

Hi, how've you been? Today's class is about writing plots and building the story to a climax.

10-minute writing - Do this after reading the lesson:

Take the character whose profile you wrote during Class 2 (or if you're bored with this character, you can use the to create a new one. Your character wants something intensely, but there are obstacles or problems in the way. What does your character want? What are the obstacles? What can your character do about them? Write about it for 10 minutes.

Today's reading - After you finish reading, come back to this page to complete the 10-minute writing. You'll see other links and options, but don't let them distract you -- come right back:

How to Build a Story from Beginning to End and How to Make Your Fiction More Exciting


  1. First, fill out the Progress Checklist, and come back to this page.
  2. Next, complete today's reading, and come back.
  3. After you've finished the reading, do the 10-minute writing assignment. To review the guidelines for 10-minute writing assignments, click here.
  4. When you're finished, fill out a Writing Goals Worksheet. The goals you choose here will be your homework for next time.
  5. After you've filled out the Writing Goals worksheet, put the date and time for Class 5 on your calendar.

Excellent work.

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