Free Writing Course - Class 2: Character

This is the second class from the CWN free writing course in fiction. If you're not signed up for the course, just click here to get started now. It's free, and you can work at your own level and pace.

Free Writing Course - Class 2

Topic: Character development

Hello! Today's class is all about how to create characters.

10-minute writing - Do this after reading the lesson:

Part 1 (10 minutes): Use one of the Writing Character Profiles Worksheets to create a character.

Part 2 (optional): We don't always see ourselves the way other people see us. For example, a friend of mine thinks he's a really good listener. But, in fact, he dominates conversations and doesn't pay attention to what other people say. Think of the character whose profile you just completed. What is a difference between how this character sees himself or herself versus the way other people see him or her? Now imagine that something happened that caused the character to find out how he or she seems to other people. What could happen to cause this? How would your character react? Write about it.

Today's reading - After you finish reading, come back to this page to complete the 10-minute writing. You'll see other links and options, but don't let them distract you -- come right back:

Creating Characters Your Readers Will Care About


  1. First, fill out the Creative Writing Progress Checklist, and come back to this page.
  2. Next, do today's reading assignment, and come back.
  3. After you've finished the reading, do the 10-minute writing assignment. To review the guidelines for 10-minute creative writing assignments, click here.
  4. When you're finished, fill out a Creative Writing Goals Worksheet. The goals you set here will be your homework for next time.
  5. After you've filled out the Writing Goals worksheet, mark the date and time for Class 3 on your calendar.

Great work!

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