Online Creative Writing Course: Description Writing Magic

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Online Creative Writing Course: Irresistible Fiction

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Romance Story Ideas

A classic romance story has three key elements. Find out what they are, and get ideas for your own romantic fiction.

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Fear of Starting

Often, people put off writing because they're afraid. Here are some tips on how to overcome fear and get words onto the page.

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Love Story Ideas

Here are some prompts that you can turn into romance, suspense fiction, or romantic suspense.

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Is Your Idea Interesting Enough?

Here's the secret to writing a novel that will hold your readers' interest.

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"Show, Don't Tell" Explained

"Show, don't tell" is common advice in creative writing classes. But what does it actually mean? And how do you do it?

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Story Ideas: Communication

Here are some ideas you can turn into stories. All of these ideas have to do with communication...

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How to Finish What You Start

Do you tend to lose interest in your writing projects partway through? How can you stay inspired long enough to complete your manuscript? Here's what you need to know.

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20 Answers to "What Happens Next?"

Raymond Carver offered this advice to writers: "When in doubt, have a man come through a door with a gun in his hand." Depending on your story, that's certainly one option. Here are twenty others.

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Inspiring Places to Write

Sometimes a change of scenery can wake up the muse. Here are some ideas to try.

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2 Easy Ways to Get Great Story Ideas

These two magic phrases will help you come up with lots of ideas.

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How to Make Your Characters More Interesting

These five simple techniques will add interest to your characters -- and to your stories.

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Story Ideas: Obsessions

Here are four story prompts involving characters with obsessions...

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Story Ideas: New Year's Resolutions for Your Characters

Here are four fiction writing prompts about New Year's resolutions that have unexpected results...

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Story Planning Worksheet

This worksheet makes it easy to develop your story ideas. Fill in the blanks to start planning a story.

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Ideas for Characters and Stories

Here are some fiction prompts and ideas to get your imagination flowing. Have fun!

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"What If" Story Ideas

Looking for creative inspiration? Here are some "what-if" questions that you can use to come up with story ideas.

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Lisa Dordal on Writing Poetry

Poet Lisa Dordal offers advice to new poets and shares her own writing process.

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Great Story Beginnings

A great story beginning captures your readers' attention and makes them want to read on. Here are some tips on how to start with a bang.

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Satisfying Story Endings

The ending of a story or novel forms readers' final impression of what they have read. Here are some guidelines to help you write endings that will leave readers satisfied.

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Online Course: Bringing Characters to Life

In this 8-week e-mail course, you'll learn how to create fictional characters that feel 3-dimensional and real. Make your characters and stories come alive in the reader's imagination.

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Scary Photo Prompts

To celebrate Halloween this year, we've created a booklet of scary photo prompts. You can use this booklet to get ideas for terrifying or atmospheric stories or poems. Download it for free here.

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How to Find Writing Time

Bryan Cohen's new book Writer on the Side offers ideas to keep you motivated and help you find writing time throughout the day, even with a busy schedule.

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Advice from a Literary Agent

We asked editor and former literary agent Robin Martin to share her tips for fiction writers.

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