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Lynda Schab on Writing Greeting Cards

Merric Davidson on Magazine Publishing

Carl Lennertz on Book Marketing

Cynthia Harrison on the Writing Life

Robert Raymer on Writing Short Stories

Skhye Moncrief on Writing Romance Novels

John Matthew Fox on How to Write Book Reviews

Nicole Peeler on Fantasy Writing

Ari on Young Adult Fiction

Michael Klam on Poetry Slams

Núria Albertí on Her Writing Process

Heather Sellers on Memoir Writing

Jessie Carty on Narrative Poems

Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett on Memoir Writing

Jill Esbaum on Writing Children's Books

Mark Athitakis on American Fiction

Scott Rice on Bad Writing

Jonathan Mayhew on Reading Poetry

Hal Duncan on Speculative Fiction

Edward Champion on the Best Fiction Books for Writers

Jenny Davidson on World Building

Ron Hogan on the Best Novels for Writers

Russell Rowland on Writing a Novel

Levi Stahl on the Best Fiction Books for Writers

Julie Schwietert Collazo on Writing Travel Literature

Alyssa Ast on Starting a Freelance Writing Career

Tim Lemire on Publishing Nonfiction

Nancy Antle on Writing Children's Literature

Joslyn Pine on Editing Fiction

Robin Martin on Finding a Literary Agent

Jaimee Garbacik on Finding a Literary Agent

Gabe Robinson on Novel Structure and Character Development

Marcela Landres on Editing Fiction

Helga Schier on Plot Structure and More

Allister Thompson on Writing a Mystery and More

Donna Fletcher Crow on Planning a Novel

Julia Buckley on Writing Mystery Novels

Lisa Dordal on Writing Poetry

Tony Lee Moral on Suspense Writing


How to Get Started Writing a Story - Part 1

How to Get Started Writing a Story - Part 2

The Truth About "Show, Don't Tell"

The Biggest Problem Writers Face

Conquering Writer's Block

Revision Techniques - How to Read Your Own Fiction with Fresh Eyes

How to Write a Critique

Achieve Writing Goals with a Writing Partner

How to Get More Writing Time

What to Do with All that Old Writing

How to Expand Your Story

Great Story Beginnings 

How to Fill the Middle of Your Story

Showing Versus Telling Explained

Complicating a Story Conflict

Short Short Stories

Dealing with Perfectionism

What Happens Next?

Satisfying Story Endings

Why Write?

Show Your Character's Thoughts and Feelings

Ideas for Interesting Characters

Common Story Problems

What is High Concept?

Novel Outlines and Plot Structure

How to Write a Mystery

Setting Questionnaires

How Novels Really Get Written

How to Deal with Criticism

Writing Your Way Through a Novel

Believing in Yourself as a Writer

7 Tips for Better Dialogue

6 Dialogue Writing Mistakes

Take Control of Your Writing

Description Questionnaires

Novel Writing Tips from Harry Potter

How Successful Authors Plan Their Novels

Trouble with Story Endings?

Do You Have What It Takes?

Scenes Versus Chapters

Use Description for Your Plot

Is Your Story Idea Interesting Enough?

The Importance of Self-Trust

Tips for National Novel Writing Month

Why We Procrastinate

How to Bring the Joy Back to Your Writing

Writing In Public Places

7 Picture Book Writing Mistakes to Avoid

12 Questions to Ask Your Character

When You Run Into Problems...

Fear of Starting

The Number One Secret to Success as a Writer

Too Stressed Out to Write

Writing Inspiration from Art Class

How to Finish What You've Started


Review of AWAI's Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting

Review of SBI/Sitesell


Creative Writing Contests

Story Writing Help - Story Plot Worksheet

Sarah O'Neill's Questionnaire for Creating Fantasy Characters

Character Profiling Questionnaire - Part 1

Character Profiling Questionnaire - Part 2

Character Profiling Questionnaire - Part 3

Character Profiling Questionnaire - Part 4

Character Profiling Questionnaire - Part 5

Character Profiling Questionnaire - Part 6

Creative Writing Activities and Games 

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Old course materials from Essentials of Fiction 2009

Fiction Writing Course Materials for Lesson 1

Fiction Writing Course Materials for Lesson 2

Fiction Writing Course Materials for Lesson 3

Fiction Writing Course Materials for Lesson 4

Fiction Writing Course Materials for Lesson 5

Fiction Writing Course Materials for Lesson 6

Fiction Writing Course Materials for Lesson 7

Fiction Writing Course Materials for Lesson 8

Orientation Guide

Goals Worksheet for Creative Writing Classes

Progress Checklist

Final Project 

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